Theatre Technology

Theatre Technology is a central component used in all of my creative endeavors. The convergence of multiple artforms and tools are at the center of my creative work.

With a formal training in music, theatre, and technology, I have combined those artforms using traditional and contemporary tools to serve the ends of artistic expression and creativity.

My Theatre Technology projects have been created with theatres, symphonic orchestras, and chamber ensembles and have explored the combination of traditional and experimental tools to serve a new possible language of artistic expression.

Central to my projects are the use of contempory tools using computer hubs controlling content and media designed for that particular project.

Max/MPS and Isadora visual programming languages are at the center of my technology designs.

My projects have included multi-screen video mapped projections, live video input, film, 3D designed media content, DMX controlled lighting, and live interactivity of the viewers and participants in the works.

Recently I have begun designing and creating multi-screen/surface projected 3D sets using Unreal Engine 4 software.  This allows subtle incorporated elements and animation into sets that can change as needed to serve the dramatic expression of the project.

Another recent design element has been realtime live video camera incorporation as an element of the projected sets.  Multiple robotic PTZ cameras can have hundreds of video input presets played back as a control element of the set design.  

All of my theatre technology projects have been designed to be controlled by a single operator of multiple medias; this is most often designed to have all media sets controlled by the light-board operator.

Current/Past Projects

Digital Media Designer for Jesus Christ SuperStar.  Rochester Civic Theatre: March 22 to April 14, 2019.

Project design included 4- video projectors, 5 robotic PTZ cameras all controlled by a computer program using Isadora software design by Kevin Dobbe.  Approximately 80 live video presets were controlled by the program.  Live video filters and film-narrative were also included.  The entire program presets are "called" by the light cues from the board operator.  Thus all projection and camera operations are predesigned and synchronized for control by one operator.

Digital Media Designer for Annie.  Rochester Civic Theatre: November 30 to December 16, 2018.

Project design included a 32' rear- projection screen and a front projection on the proscenium and video mapped on stage elements.  The sets were desiged in Unreal Engine 4 and exported as video elements for static and animated sets.  The media was controlled by a program desined by myself using Isadora visual programming language.  All projectors and media were controlled by the light board operator for total media synchronization.

Digital Media Designer for Shrek.  Rochester Civic Theatre: September 7-30, 2018.

Project design included two video projectors, live video camera input, live digital puppets, and control of all audio sound FX using Isadora visual programming language as the central hub.  All  media were controlled by the light board operator for total media synchronization.

Kevin Dobbe

New Media Artist and Composer