Interactive Installations

My interactive media installations have been featured in art center exhibitions, new media festivals, and in multiple permanent building projects.  Currently, I have eight permanent installations in facilities such as schools and universities,  private business buildings, and research centers.  My first permanent installation has now been running continuously for 11 years.

The various media used in the creation of my installations include: computers, video cameras and projection, multi-channel sound, originally composed MIDI music lines and ambient sound, wall images and sculpture, DMX-lighting, spoken and projected poetry, and site specific location planning.   Max/MSP/Jitter and Isadora are the central programming languages used to create the installations.

The interactive installations incorporate two central thesis in their design: the use of non-linear creation and the idea of site-specific created works.

Non-linear Art

My works explore the concept of a non-linear series of events that are controlled by the viewer.  An immediate feedback loop, that is idle in most media arts at this point, is what makes the experience of non-linear works most interesting.  The viewer sees, hears, and feels the effect of their participation in the work.

Space-Relative Presentations

My installations are created to be “space specific”.   The acoustics of the space, the lighting juxtaposed to the natural light, the “feeling” of the space; these are all essential elements needed to fully experience the work.

My works, which have been located in art centers, public institutions, electronic art festivals, as well as educational institutions have been reviewed by students and newspapers as: intriguing, fun, thought-provoking, whimsical, fascinating, weird, cool, ingenious, among other descriptors.  Whatever the individual response, my works have proven to engage and to foster a sense of discovery and contemplation by those who encounter and learn to consider and interact with the work.

My work with interactive multimedia installations explores the concept of a non-linear series of events that are controlled by the viewer.

Short-Term Interactive Multimedia Installation Creations

Long-Term Interactive Multimedia Installation Creations

          •2005 to 2020:

     Interactive Music Wall; RCTC, Rochester, MN

          •2006 to 2016:

     Main Atrium Video Wall; UCR, Rochester, MN

          •2007 to 2016:

     Interactive Tunnel; RCTC,

           Rochester, MN


     DoubleTree Grand Lobby,

          Rochester, MN
     •2009 to present:

     Minnesota Bio-Business Building Lobby

          Rochester, MN

          •2010 to present:

     Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, Madison, WI
     •2011 to present:

     Performing Arts Center Lobby, WWHS Washington, DC

          •2012 to present:

     318 Commons Main Lobby, UM-Rochester, MN

          •2015 - Present: Century College, White Bear Lake, MN

     Chromalume ChimeGarden

     Interactive Sound and Lights

Kevin Dobbe

New Media Artist and Composer