Dance Technology

Theatre Technology is a central component used in all of my creative endeavors. The convergence of multiple artforms and tools are at the center of my creative work.  My current work has been with technology support for live and MoCAP dance.

Synchronization of connected traditional and new media technologies is at the center of my design.  Set, music, and lights are synchronized via a single operating program controlling these media and allowing fine-synchronization of each element to the other.

The visual  projected "sets" are designed using Unreal Engine 3D modeling and then animating the spaces to the music.  Light cues are then synchronized to the music and video elements allowing precision synchronization.

The current projects are also incorporating the use of Motion Capture suits for both prerecorded media captured by the live danceser and animated onto projected chartacters.  The use of real-time MoCAP suit dancing is still under experiementation.

Current/Past Projects

Digital Media Designer for Ascend.  Rochester Civic Theatre: March 24-25, 2023.

Composer-New Media Artist for collaboration with the Rochester Ensemble of Dance.

Digital Media Designer for Stronger Together.  Rochester Civic Theatre: November 5-6, 2021.

Live and Motion Capture suite dance.  60'x34' projection screen using original animations created in Ureal Engine. Synchronized lights, sound, video projection via playback using Isadora software design.

Kevin Dobbe

New Media Artist and Composer