Kevin Dobbe

As an installation artist and composer, I have been commissioned multiple times to write various creations.  My music compositions are interdiciplinary works often connecting theatre and dance elements  with integrated  multimedia components. My interactive installations are created with various medias that changes and responds, and indeed depends upon the direct interaction of the viewer.  

My primary artistic goal is to take the ephemeral qualities of sound and combine them with non-transitory aspects of visual arts.  The secondary goal is to take this synthesis of the static and dynamic and ultimately have it controlled by the viewer. 

Through this fusion, I have found that the very nature of the design for the final work must be primarily non-linear; the various time and space elements must be designed to work in both worlds.   Elements such as composed lines, timbres, textures, visual images, lights, fixed media such as glass or ceramics, are triggered and change in accordance to the participant’s color of clothing, position, and movement within the given space.  Creating music lines, harmonic progressions, 3D images, lights, filtered images of the viewer, surround-sound, and other elements that might occur in any order and combination as controlled by the chance elements of position, color, and motion ultimately determined by the viewer is a fascinating composition situation.

Although throughout the centuries various “schools of thought” have been formulated via positions on the continuum between the subjective and the objective, I believe that it is the central goal of the artist to learn and understand the scientific truths of their media and ultimately apply that objective knowledge to the pursuit of the subjective. I also believe that meaning is relative to the experience of the viewer. 

Central to all of my installation creations is the literal exploration of the adage “you get out of it, what you put into it” by making the very actions of the viewer dynamically impact, effect, and literally change the visual and aural components of the work.  My installations are designed to create a sense of discovery with the hopes of cognitive, emotional, and physical engagement.

As the co-founder and faculty of the nearly decade-old Digital Arts program at Rochester Community College, I practice and teach the fusion of inter-disciplinary approach to arts creation, and the amalgamation and implementation of traditional and contemporary tools for creation.

My installation works incorporate the use of traditional and contemporary tools and media.  Central to all of my works is the computer.  I have studied and implemented many digital tools for audio, MIDI, video, 3D-animation, DMX controlled lighting, video cameras, software and hardware synthesizers, parabolic and glass speakers, interactive computer languages, various projection-types including data, plasma, and LCD projection, and have combined them with traditional media such as paint, plastics, ceramics, and etched glass.  All of my works have been created incorporating the Max/MSP/Jitter, and Isadora software-programming languages.

My continued goal as an artist is to continually explore and learn the objective elements of both contemporary and traditional arts tools and to apply them via the creation of works that respond to the engagement of the viewer.

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Kevin  Dobbe

Interactive Multimedia Artist,

Music Composer, Performer, and



Ph.D Music Education

University of Minnesota

Master of Music Vocal Performance

Kent State University

Bachelor of Music Vocal Performance and Compostion

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

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